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Are you delivering a unit about water?

Supporting students

To strengthen their understanding and appreciation of water and ultimately discover their own connection to this precious resource.

This ever-growing range of learning experiences, designed to support teachers in the delivery of water-themed education, have been categorised according to the most applicable stage level, but also offer learning support and extension opportunities for students.

Factsheets and figures

Preschool and Primary (ES1 – S3)

Domestic water use

Students explore and reflect on the many ways that water is used in the home. Can water be saved?

Stage 1 - Learn with Shellby (PDF, 335.9 KB)

Stage 2 (PDF, 405.3 KB)

Water Uses – puzzles (PDF, 181.73 KB)


Students are tasked with enlarging a water bug whilst discovering interesting facts, specifically that water bugs are indicators of water quality.

Backswimmer (PDF, 423.5 KB)

Water Strider (PDF, 418.39 KB)

Diving Beetle (PDF, 484.43 KB)

Freshwater Snail (PDF, 471.98 KB)

Freshwater Shrimp (PDF, 469.14 KB)


Students will discover that healthy water is home to many creatures as they use the line of symmetry to draw the missing half of these water bugs.

Damselfly Nymph (PDF, 448.01 KB)

Water Scorpion (PDF, 431.48 KB)

Water Boatman (PDF, 420.29 KB)

Dragonfly (PDF, 434.25 KB)

Freshwater Crayfish (PDF, 431.15 KB)

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