Water delivery

WaterNSW releases water from our storages to deliver water, when and where it matters.

Delivering water when and where it is needed

Delivering stored water to our customers, communities and the environment.

Our purpose is to deliver water, when and where it matters. This simple statement speaks to the heart of what we do. That is, release the water we have previously captured and stored to service our customers, communities and the environment.

In regional NSW, WaterNSW delivers water to our customers by releasing it from our storages, either a dam or weir, and allowing it to travel along the river system it was released into. Our customers then extract the water they have ordered.

In Greater Sydney, our major customer is Sydney Water. We deliver the majority of water ordered by Sydney Water via the Warragamba pipelines. These two pipelines use gravity to move the water 27km, delivering it to Prospect Water Filtration Plant.

Along with delivering water to our customers, we deliver water for the environment via planned environmental water and held environmental water.

You can learn more about bulk water supply, river operations and environmental flows using the links below.

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