Customer service charter

Our customer service charter assists us in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our responsibilities to you

At WaterNSW we strive to ensure our people and our services are accessible and have the capability to meet the needs of all our customers.

Our Customer Service Charter (PDF) PDF, 183.72 KB has been developed in consultation with our Customer Advisory Groups and sets the acceptable service standards required from both our employees and our customers.

Details of the mutual responsibilities of WaterNSW and you, the customer are spelled out for the following areas:

Customer contact

We strive to ensure that our people and our services are accessible to our customers.

To achieve this we will ensure that we have the appropriate resources to meet our customers’ needs. You can also expect our staff to:

  • Be courteous, helpful and communicate clearly
  • Behave responsibly in accordance with our code of conduct
  • Listen and respond to your requests, and access your property, in an appropriate way
  • Make office hours and contact details accessible

To help us do this we need you to:

  • Provide reasonable access to supply works on your property, in keeping with NSW Workplace Health and Safety standards
  • Treat our people in a courteous and non-discriminatory manner
  • Provide feedback on our service and contact us when you want more information
  • Participate in surveys to provide feedback to improve our service to customers

Licensing regulation and dealings

We strive to provide information and approvals to our customers timely and efficiently, providing advice and recommendations in an appropriate manner.

To achieve this, we will operate within our legislative requirements, including operating under the powers provided in the Water Management Act 2000.

By doing this, you can expect:

  • Knowledgeable and accessible information through our Customer Service Centre or via our website for water licensing and works approvals
  • Information and guidance on the appropriate approval path for your particular needs
  • Timely approvals for compliant applications

To help us do this we need you to assist the application process, including:

  • Accurate applications for licences and works approvals
  • Timely responses where additional information is requested
  • Timely provision of required documents and legal information where required

Please ensure your applications are completed in full with accurate information before submitting.

Water delivery, ordering and reporting

We strive to deliver water to our customers on time, through the most efficient and effective means possible, in an environmentally responsible manner.

By doing this, you can expect:

  • Accessible water ordering system through either the Customer Service Centre or the internet Water Accounting System (iWAS)
  • Timely water delivery within the limits of system response times
  • That we will inform you of any water delivery issues
  • Assets that are maintained and fit for service
  • Proactive management for optimal water availability
  • Timely delivery of updated information by Valley on our website
  • Standard water reports made available via our website
  • All water releases consider likely environmental impacts

To help us to do this, we need you to adhere to the conditions of your water licence, including:

  • Timely water ordering, in accordance with specified conditions
  • Maintaining a positive water account balance

All future metering enquiries regarding installation should be referred to the NSW Government's Water Reform Action Plan.

Information and communication

We strive to provide clear, concise and accessible information at the appropriate time in an appropriate manner.

To achieve this we will:

  • Regularly meet with Customer Advisory Groups across NSW
  • Consult with affected communities on major projects
  • Provide a one-stop customer information service
  • Provide easily accessed information on our internet site and iWAS including:
    • Dam levels
    • River heights
    • General water related information
  • Survey customers regularly to measure their satisfaction with our services

Trouble paying your bill

WaterNSW is committed to helping customers who are facing financial hardship to keep their water flowing.

We call it hardship when customers would like to pay their water charges but really cannot manage to do so.

This may be only for a short time, due to circumstances such as illness, or for a prolonged period because of the impact due to natural disasters such as fire, flood or drought, or being impacted by domestic or family violence, or any other cause reasonably considered that impacts your ability to pay us for your water charges.

Customer feedback and complaints

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services, we would like to hear from you as this feedback helps us monitor and improve customer service levels. Similarly, if you have experienced exceptional service, please tell us.

Our feedback, compliments and complaints policy (PDF, 195.11 KB) provides a framework for our staff to address your complaint to ensure we respond to your needs.

To give feedback, you can:

  1. Call us on 1300 662 077
  2. Mail us at:
    Customer Service Centre
    PO Box 398, Parramatta, NSW 2124
  3. Email us at
  4. Meet us in person and talk to any WaterNSW employee at one of our local offices.
  5. Submit your feedback online

If we cannot resolve your concern on the spot, we will acknowledge it within two business days and try to resolve it in a timely manner.

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