Keeping waterways healthy

Keeping our waterways healthy is everybody's responsibility.

Healthy waterways for life

Working together for the health of our waterways.

Everybody can play their part in keeping our waterways healthy. Simple things like throwing your rubbish in the bin to prevent it ending up being washed back into our river systems can have a big impact on overall waterway health.

In Regional NSW, we test for overall waterway health and for blue-green algae. We also rely on those who live on the river to inform us if they think an algal bloom is present.

Within Greater Sydney, where its drinking water catchment is home to over 125,000 people, living within this region brings with it a responsibility to keep the waterways and local environment healthy. Local residents are tasked with ensuring water systems aren’t being polluted by human interference, whether that is by limiting the use of pesticides or ensuring groundcover is maintained to the adequate level.

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WaterNSW acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands and waters on which we work and pay our respects to all elders past, present and emerging. Learn more