Water quality

WaterNSW manages water quality to provide fit-for-purpose water to our customers.

Water quality

WaterNSW are experts in monitoring and managing water quality.

WaterNSW is responsible for the bulk supply of raw water for many users across the state and for the supply of drinking water in the Fish River system. Water quality is influenced by many factors, including the open nature of storages, the weather, and any pollutants that have entered a waterway from the surrounding catchments

Frequently monitoring the quality of water in the state’s rivers and storages, along with groundwater sources is of upmost importance in effectively managing water. Monitoring provides an indication of overall river and waterway health, and allows us to identify any water quality issues and subsequent constraints to storage operations – such as problems relating to blue-green algae.

Monitoring water quality allows WaterNSW to quickly respond to changes and where appropriate, the data collected is used to inform the development of mitigation strategies to improve water quality.

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