Water monitoring network

Monitoring water quality and quantity.

Water monitoring programs

Measuring water quality and quantity of the state's surface and groundwater resources.

WaterNSW is aware of satellite issues causing intermittent delays to some river height and flow data. While most gauging sites are unaffected, the issue is expected to continue for several weeks and we are working on interim solutions. Check the date of the data displayed in WaterInsights to ensure it is current.

WaterNSW operates a wide range of water monitoring programs to measure both water quality, and quantity, in all rivers, streams, groundwater bores and the dams that we operate across NSW.

We regularly monitor surface water levels and flows, groundwater levels, storage levels, and chemical and biological indicators. We do this by collecting water management data from a variety of sources. These sources include:

  • river gauging stations
  • groundwater monitoring stations
  • weather monitoring stations
  • manual sample collections

Being able to see what is happening, as it happens, is a core part of our water monitoring network. We have more than 1300 water monitoring stations that deliver near real-time data on water sources through our telemetry and remote data capture networks.

Having this data at our fingertips enables us to make informed decisions on how best to manage water resources and allows us to share information such as river heights and algae alerts with the communities that we serve.

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