Trading water

Access important dates, application forms and frequently asked questions about water trading.

Trading water

Water sharing plans in NSW allow the trade of allocation water subject to some conditions. Follow the four easy steps below.

Please note: WaterNSW will not accept requests to backdate or amend a water allocation trade application after the season close date.

Step 1: Download an application form

Please download a separate allocation assignment form (from appropriate link below) for each trade to avoid duplicate applications.

Regulated water
  • Form 71 for groundwater assignment - buy and sell water within a groundwater source under the Water Management Act 2000. Please note: This form has recently been updated.

2023-24 season closing dates

In accordance with the relevant valley water sharing plans (WSPs), please note the following season close dates for water allocation trading:

  • Murrumbidgee Regulated Water Interstate – 11:59pm 30 April 2024
  • NSW Murray and Lower Darling Regulated River Interstate – 11:59pm 30 April 2024
  • Murrumbidgee Regulated Intravalley – 11:59pm 30 June 2024
  • All other Regulated Water, Groundwater and Unregulated Water (unless otherwise noted) - 11:59pm 30 June 2024

WaterNSW will not accept customer requests to backdate or amend a water allocation trade application after the above season close dates.

Exclamation alert blue circle iconWaterNSW has recently completed a review into the neighbour consent process for groundwater trades.

  • The outcome of this review means that from 1 July 2024 we will re-commence neighbour consent on applicable groundwater trades with a revised process.
  • Our revised process ensures that customer needs, privacy standards and the intent of relevant water sharing plans are met. The process will also offer impacted neighbours a clear understanding of how the temporary trade impacts extraction from their bore.
  • Further information on the revised process will be made available here shortly.

Please note that prior to 1 July 2024, groundwater trades will proceed as follows:

  • No neighbour impact = trade will proceed.
  • Neighbour impact = a reduced transfer amount will be offered so there is no impact on neighbouring bores.
Unregulated water

Step 2: Complete the application form

Trading water sample form

1. This is the reference number of your form. The number on each form should be unique and allows WaterNSW to quickly track the progress of your application. You will also need to use this reference when making your payment via PayWay.

2. This section is where you enter the volume and price of the water you want to assign (trade). You can check the current available balance on your licence by contacting our Customer Service Centre, or by logging into your iWAS account.

3. If the sale price is zero ($0) and permitted for a trade purpose, please enter the Trade Purpose Classification stated in Part 5. If other, please enter the reason in the box provided.

4. This is where the seller completes the details relating to their licence. Remember to indicate your authority to make the application and record the registered licence holder details of the licence. If you would like WaterNSW to notify you when the application is complete, don’t forget to include your email address.

5. If the application is being submitted by a Broker, enter the Broker’s name and email address. WaterNSW will notify the agent when the application is completed.

6. This section lists the Trade Purpose Classification. Please note, if your sale price is $0, you cannot select a purpose marked with an asterisk.

7. This is where the seller can complete their Meter Reading

You can read more about the update as well as a guide on the new changes in this how to guide.

Step 3: Pay the application processing fee

Regulated water

There is an application fee of $56.16 (GST free) for each application to assign regulated surface water.

Make a payment via credit card (PayWay).

WaterNSW now requires the payment of variable usage charges for all allocation assignments involving a buyer licence not linked to a NSW Works Approval.

Applicants should note that the variable usage charge will be based on the valley of use. Variable usage charges should be included with the transfer fee on application.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre to confirm the usage charge in your valley prior to lodging your application.

Groundwater and unregulated water

There is a $56.87 (GST free) application fee for each application to assign groundwater and unregulated water.

Make a payment via credit card (PayWay).

Where can I find more details about these fees?

The above fee structures have been set in accordance with the relevant IPART Water Pricing determinations.

Details of the fee and IPART determination can be found on the fees and charges page.

Step 4: Submit the application form

Applications can be emailed or mailed to the address below.


PO Box 453

For any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

If you are emailing your application make sure you send each application separately to ensure that no forms are missed. It is also a good idea to include your SWC reference number in the subject line of the email so that we can identify your trade quickly if you need to enquire about its progress.

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