Mining in the declared catchments.

Mining in Greater Sydney

Our role in mining planning decisions.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Independent Planning Commission and the Division of Resources and Geosciences are responsible for assessing and approving mining and coal seam gas activities. The final decision on specific activities usually rests with the Minister for Planning (or delegate).

WaterNSW has no legislated power to control or stop mining in declared catchments. However, as the partial owner and joint manager of the special areas, we have a role in influencing the planning decisions and for holding mining operations to account for all impacts which significantly harm:

  • water quantity and quality
  • water supply infrastructure
  • ecological integrity of our special areas

We influence planning decisions by providing advice to regulators, agencies, and mining companies. Our advice is based on our assessment of whether a mining proposal conforms to our policy positions, and whether the mining impacts are consistent with the predictions contained in the application and performance indicators provided in mine approvals criteria.

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