Managing your water access licence

What you need to know in order to manage your water access licence (undertake a dealing).

Managing your licence (undertake a dealing)

Dealings can be complicated and WaterNSW advises consulting with a third-party knowledgeable with the Water Management Act and your individual specific circumstances.

There are various change dealing types and individual circumstances, including whether an existing water access licence is held or not, may affect which dealing type best suits the respective circumstance. WaterNSW suggests making a pre-application appointment to discuss dealing options.

Please note, any change to an existing water access licence must be registered with NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) within six months of the dealing being granted. The water access licence certificate of title must be provided to LRS with any dealing for registration. Failing to do so could lead to a breach of the Water Management Act 2000 and the expiry of the dealing approval.


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Please note that this service is in relation to approval and licensing enquiries and does not include questions regarding water allocation assignments / temporary trade - 71T/71V applications. If you have any questions regarding trade, please contact our Customer Service Centre

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The following offices are open for face-to-face meetings every Tuesday to discuss your water licensing enquiries. Select your local office to use our online facility to book a face-to-face meeting with one of our water licensing experts.

Water access licence changes made through WaterNSW are listed below:

What access licence change (dealing)Fact sheet Guide Form
Nominate or withdraw a nomination for a water supply workFact sheet Guide Form
Temporarily assign water allocated to a water allocation account to another access licence in NSW (71T) or interstate (71V) Fact sheet NA Available on our trading water webpage.
Nominate (or change) a water supply work or extraction point against an access licence, for those in a NSW or interstate water tagging zoneFact sheet Guide Form
One or more co-holders of an access licence extinguish their holding and a new access licence is granted Fact sheet Guide Form
Change a share component in a different water management area or source Fact sheet Guide Form
Cancel original licence/s and sub-divide or consolidate in the same water management area or source Sub-divide fact sheet

Consolidate fact sheet

71P 1a Guide

71P 1b Guide

71P 1a Form (PDF, 415.6 KB)

71P 1b Form (PDF, 1526.47 KB)

Convert to a different category or sub-category in the same water management area or source (71O) Fact sheet Guide Form
Permanently assign rights in the same water management area or source to another licence/s of the same category (71Q) Fact sheet Guide Form
Assignment of individual daily extraction component (IDEC) to another licence (71QA) Fact sheet Guide Form
Amend an extraction component (71S) Fact sheetGuideForm

Land Registry Services (LRS) – Contact for Transfer of water access licence (S71M) and Term Transfer of entitlements under an access licence (S71N).

The NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (NSW DCCEEW) –  issues water access licences for state significant developments, mining operations, irrigation corporations and government entities. However, WaterNSW handles all changes to water access licences for customers of NSW DCCEEW.

Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) is responsible for the enforcement of water laws in NSW.

Details on current NSW water access licences are held on the Water Register.

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