Managing your water access licence

What you need to know in order to manage your water access licence.

Managing your licence

You will need a Water Access Licence such as a Zero Share Water Access Licence to participate or trade water in the NSW water market. A certificate of title is issued and must be provided in any water transaction.

Any change to a Water Access Licence must be registered with NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) within six months of the change. Failure to do so results in the approval being revoked and may lead to a breach of the Water Management Act 2000.

Water transactions can be complex and WaterNSW recommends seeking advice from an independent source familiar with the individual circumstances.

WaterNSW role

Water Access Licence changes made through WaterNSW are below. Links are to detailed fact sheets, forms and guides:

Land Registry Services and Department of Planning & Environment - Water role

Land Registry Services (LRS) – Contact for Transfer of water access licence (S71M) and Term Transfer of entitlements under an access licence (S71N).

Department of Planning and Environment -Water (DPE-Water) –  issues water access licences for state significant developments, mining operations, irrigation corporations and government entities. However, WaterNSW handles all changes to water access licences for customers of DPE-Water.

Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) is responsible for the enforcement of water laws in NSW.

Details on current NSW water access licences are held on the Water Register.

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