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Water meters are the key tool for measurement and monitoring of water usage in NSW. Accurate metering is essential for fairness and equity of water sharing between users. Licence holders should check their works approval to ensure their site is compliant with current metering conditions.

The type of meter you are required to have will be determined by your works approval.

A water order must be placed before water can be pumped. Any water extracted via your pump, as determined by your meter reading, will need to be linked to a relevant water order.

Visit the water ordering page for more information.

If your meter has stopped working, you need to do the following:

  1. Stop pumping immediately. Do not resume pumping until either your metering equipment  is operating properly or you have received written authorisation under Section 91i of the Water Management Act 2000.
  2. To obtain authorisation print and complete this application form (PDF 89 KB).
  3. Either fax the form to 1300 871 447 or email it to where it  will be date and time stamped and sent to our Compliance Officer for processing.

For more information view What to do if your meter is broken – fact sheet (PDF 1.03 MB)

The compliance officer will liaise with your local customer field officer to either approve or  reject your application.

If your application has been approved, the compliance officer will issue an authorisation in writing under Section 91I Water Management Act 2000.

If rejected, the compliance officer and/or customer field officer will discuss it with you.

Approval of this authorisation will depend on the availability of an accurate measure of assessment for the water extracted while the meter is not functioning. If the application is approved, the authorisation will be issued for a set time period to allow for the meter to be fixed.

As a general rule, an authority is issued for a maximum of 28 days. With written permission from our Compliance Officer, this authority can be extended if it has not expired. If it has expired, a new 91I application must be submitted.

If you need to install a new water meter then a flow meter should be installed.

It would be good practice to install a meter to the NSW Interim Standards to ensure continued compliance once the National Metering Standards are fully operational. Further information on the NSW Interim Standards is available from  the DPI Water website.

Water meter owners need to ensure their site continues to comply with existing metering conditions as per their works approval.

The National Water Initiative provides a strategy for improving water resource management across Australia and includes national water metering standards to improve the accuracy of water measurement.

To assist NSW in complying with the national standards, funding was made available to source, install and maintain high accuracy meters through the NSW metering scheme. Sites were prioritised for inclusion in the scheme based on their location, size of works and history and pattern of use.

Interim standards have been developed for NSW to cover meters installed until the national standards are fully operational, and are available from the DPI Water website.

NSW is also finalising a water measurement strategy which will guide metering compliance for the future.

The NSW metering scheme is being carried out in a staged approach to enable NSW to comply with the national metering standards. The scheme aims to improve accuracy and fairness by ensuring the vast majority of total extractions in the regulated, unregulated river and groundwater systems are metered.

WaterNSW is implementing the NSW metering scheme on behalf of the regulatory authority, DPI Water.

To date, more than 1,300 new water meters have been installed in southern NSW through the scheme. WaterNSW is also using the opportunity to enhance customer service.

New meters being installed by WaterNSW as part of the NSW metering scheme will be state-owned and will incur a metering service charge to cover the cost of operation and maintenance in accordance with the national metering standards.

Charges vary depending on the size and  type of meter installed. Regulated river prices are set by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Prices for unregulated and groundwater charges are set by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).


  • If you have a concern about the accuracy of your new meter, please call the WaterNSW helpdesk in the first instance on 1300 662 077 or your local customer field officer.
  • If you elect to have your meter tested, a deposit is payable prior to testing.
  • The deposit will be refunded in full should your meter prove to be inaccurate.

Irrigation Australia has a list of certified meter installers and validators that can be found under the ‘Certification’ tab on their website Irrigation Australia also offers courses to become a certified installer and validator.

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