S91i Completion form

Before we can close your S91i, we require the following documentation to be submitted:

Customer submission: Your logbook recording usage (even if nil)

Duly Qualified Person (DQP) submission: The Certificate of Validation through the DQP Portal

Please note: We will not be able to proceed with closing the S91i until the Certificate of Validation has been submitted by the DQP. Once the Certificate has been submitted, both you and WaterNSW will receive an emailed copy and we can proceed with closing the S91i.

Customer Details

This number can be found in the subject line of the original S91i email from WaterNSW

Meter Repaired

Date your meter was repaired

A description of any repairs to the metering equipment.

Meter Replaced

Date your meter was replaced

Telemetry Device/LID Repaired

Date your telemetry device/LID was repaired

A description of any repairs to the Telemetry Device/LID equipment.

Telemetry Device/LID Replaced

Date your telemetry device/LID was replaced

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