Water NSW Act 2014

Water NSW Act 2014

Water NSW Act 2014 (the Act) defines the functions and objectives of WaterNSW.

The principal objectives of WaterNSW under the Act are:

(a) to capture, store and release water in an efficient, effective, safe and financially responsible manner, and
(b) to supply water in compliance with appropriate standards of quality, and
(c) to ensure that declared catchment areas and water management works in such areas are managed and protected so as to promote water quality, the protection of public health and public safety, and the protection of the environment, and
(d) to provide for the planning, design, modelling and construction of water storages and other water management works, and
(e) to maintain and operate the works of WaterNSW efficiently and economically and in accordance with sound commercial principles.

The other objectives of WaterNSW are as follows:

(a) to be a successful business and, to that end:

(i) to operate at least as efficiently as any comparable business, and

(ii) to maximise the net worth of the State’s investment in Water NSW,

(b) to exhibit a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates,

(c) to exhibit a sense of responsibility towards regional development and decentralisation in the way in which it operates,

(d) where its activities affect the environment, to conduct its operations in compliance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development contained in section 6 (2) of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991.

The functions of WaterNSW under the Act are to:

  • capture and store water and to release water:

(i) to persons entitled to take the water, including release to regional towns, and

(ii) for any other lawful purpose, including the release of environmental water

  • supply water to the Sydney Water Corporation
  • supply water to water supply authorities and to local councils or county councils prescribed by the regulations
  • supply water to licensed network operators or licensed retail suppliers within the meaning of the Water Industry Competition Act 2006
  • supply water to other persons and bodies, but under terms and conditions that prevent the person or body concerned from supplying the water for consumption by others within the State unless the person or body is authorised to do so by or under an Act
  • construct, maintain and operate water management works (including providing or constructing systems or services for supplying water)
  • protect and enhance the quality and quantity of water in declared catchment areas
  • manage and protect declared catchment areas and water management works vested in or under the control of Water NSW that are used within or for the purposes of such areas
  • undertake flood mitigation and management
  • undertake research on catchments generally, and in particular on the health of declared catchment areas
  • to undertake an educative role within the community.


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