Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

“Together we will walk as one”

More than just words, it is the sentiment driving the development and implementation of our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Message from WaterNSW CEO, Andrew George

For many organisations, the fear of inadvertently engaging in culturally inappropriate ways can hinder progress, for fear of not wanting to unintentionally disrespect anyone. At WaterNSW we will build and inculcate a cultural appropriate framework through our RAP and support its recommendations to move forward, at a whole of organisation level, to embrace reconciliation in all that we do. The RAP will better support meaningful and culturally appropriate partnerships and dialogue with Aboriginal communities by allowing us to build on our successes to date, learn from how we could do things better, and move forward together as one.

This Reflect RAP will strengthen relationships, support our staff to make a difference through all we do, ensure our engagement is culturally appropriate and support strategies to drive better outcomes for the communities across our operations throughout the state, so “together we walk as one”.


Statement of Intent

WaterNSW operates the NSW state’s rivers and water supply systems and has significant interface with stakeholders, local communities, our customers and all those who interact with our dams, storages and river operations.

We acknowledge the very strong cultural and spiritual connection of Aboriginal communities to lands, waters and rivers and we are committed to improving how we engage with First Nations peoples across all aspects of our operations and projects.

You can download a copy of the WaterNSW Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF, 4770.44 KB), or to receive a hard copy, please email

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