Purpose and vision

Water, delivered when and where it matters.

To support the resilience of NSW communities

Our vision and purpose form part of our corporate strategic plan. This plan sets out the future of WaterNSW and provides a shared vision for all WaterNSW employees to enable us to work together on the priorities of the business, ultimately with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers and the communities which we serve.

Purpose and Vision

Water, delivered when and where it matters.

At WaterNSW we are custodians of the state’s water, a vital natural resource.  It is our responsibility to capture, store and deliver water, when and where it matters.

We operate the state’s dams like Warragamba, using our knowledge of nature, science and engineering. We then supply that water ready for distribution – for the environment, agriculture, industry and the community.

With 41 major dams and hundreds of waterways across the state, we play a vital role at the source of the state’s water, delivering two thirds of all water used in NSW.

Every day we operate our assets and manage water responsibly to meet the needs of our customers and communities now, and into the future. Our vision is to support the resilience of NSW communities through our leadership in delivering water services, for generations to come.

Strategic Priorities

To be able to deliver on our purpose and realise our vision, we have five strategic priorities that, if we focus on, will see us achieving our purpose and vision for the future and meeting the needs of those we are here to serve.

Building a sustainable future – This is an acknowledgement that we must consider the environmental impacts of all that we do. Furthermore, it captures our dedication to building a sustainable future through social aspects such as inclusion and diversity, gender equality and investing in communities through jobs and education.

Developing our people and capabilities - The value of WaterNSW lies in the value of our people and this priority is our commitment to empowering our people to be the best they can be, develop in areas they want to develop and operate in a culture where the focus is on meeting the needs of the communities and customers we serve.

Respected by the customers and communities we serve - We are an organisation that puts our customers and communities at the heart of all that we do. By focussing on their prosperity and acting with transparency and integrity, we will build trust in our decisions now and into the future.

Working together in partnership – This priority recognises the need to be a true partner, not only to our customers and communities, but with all agencies working within the water sector, along with our suppliers, contractors and employees.

Delivering operational excellence - This priority recognises the need for all of us to continue to strive for best practice, improve our safety performance and look for innovative new approaches, whilst also acknowledging that we must deliver efficiency and effectiveness, in alignment with customer and stakeholder expectations, across all aspects of our business.

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WaterNSW acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands and waters on which we work and pay our respects to all elders past, present and emerging. Learn more