There are three main categories of approvals that may be granted.

Water supply work approvals

A water supply work approval authorises its holder to construct and use a water supply work at a specified location (e.g. to install and operate a pump, dam or bore).

Find out more about water supply work approvals.

Water use approvals

A water use approval authorises its holder to use water for a particular purpose, such as irrigation, at a particular location.

Find out more about water use approvals.

Flood work approvals

A flood work approval confers a right on its holder to construct and use a flood work at a specified location.

Find out more about flood work approvals.

NSW Water Register – information about approvals

You can search the online NSW Water Register for information about water supply work approvals and water use approvals. Information includes:

  • the approval ID number
  • the kind of approval
  • the date granted and expiry date
  • the description of the authorised activity
  • the water source
  • the location of the work, use or activity
  • the conditions of the approval.

The NSW Water Register also provides a record of applications for approvals. Details include:

  • the application ID number
  • the date the application was received
  • the water source to which it relates
  • the category of approval the applicant is seeking and type of work
  • the status of the application.

You can search online for information about approvals on the NSW Water Register. There is no charge to search for information on this register.

The information is provided consistent with the requirements of section 57 of the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998.


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