WaterNSW buys a range of goods and/or services in different markets. We do not adopt the same procurement method in all cases, preferring instead to adopt the approach best suited to each need. Depending on our requirements we normally:

  • seek proposals on a competitive basis from a number of suppliers; however, in some cases (typically low-value) we may seek a proposal from a single supplier, or;
  • ask for formal bids or tenders as part of the procurement and competitive benchmarking process;
  • conduct negotiations with prospective suppliers, instead of or in conjunction with a formal bid or tender process; and/or
  • vary the length and structure of contractual commitments we already have in place.

In each case, our objective is to minimise cost and maximise value. In addition, we aim to ensure that the approach we adopt is fair and is clearly understood by our potential suppliers.

Where we undertake open market processes for Prequalifications, Requests for Information (RFI’s), Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) or Requests for Tender (RFT’s) we advertise these opportunities on the NSW Government’s E-Tendering platform, where interested parties will then be directed to our dedicated Procurement Platform, Scout RFP.

Our Procurement Platforms

Scout RFP

WaterNSW uses Scout RFP for Sourcing, Supplier Prequalification and Supplier Performance Management. Scout has dedicated support resources for Suppliers on its website.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and EFTsure

WaterNSW uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for conducting business with suppliers through purchase orders and processing invoices and payments. We use EFTsure to verify key supplier details, including ABN and GST registration, and bank details. Existing Suppliers can login here.

For more information, including onboarding guidance, see our vendor collaboration handbook (PDF, 980.11 KB).

All WaterNSW purchasing is conducted through Purchase Orders. You should not commence work without first receiving a WaterNSW Purchase Order.

Contracts Register

WaterNSW publishes details of contracts over $150,000.

Contact Us

The WaterNSW Procurement Team can be contacted at


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