WaterNSW buys a range of goods and/or services in different markets.


We do not adopt the same procurement method in all cases, preferring instead to adopt the approach best suited to each need. Depending on our requirements we normally:

  • seek proposals on a competitive basis from a number of suppliers; however, in some cases (typically low-value) we may seek a proposal from a single supplier, or;
  • ask for formal bids or tenders as part of the procurement and competitive benchmarking process;
  • conduct negotiations with prospective suppliers, instead of or in conjunction with a formal bid or tender process; and/or
  • vary the length and structure of contractual commitments we already have in place.

In each case, our objective is to minimise cost and maximise value. In addition, we aim to ensure that the approach we adopt is fair and is clearly understood by our potential suppliers.

Where we undertake open market processes for Prequalifications, Requests for Information (RFI’s), Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) or Requests for Tender (RFT’s) we advertise these opportunities on the NSW Government’s E-Tendering platform, where interested parties will then be directed to our dedicated Procurement Platform, Scout RFP.

Our platforms

Scout RFP

WaterNSW uses Scout RFP for Sourcing, Supplier Prequalification and Supplier Performance Management. Scout has dedicated support resources for Suppliers on its website.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and EFTsure

WaterNSW uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for conducting business with suppliers through purchase orders and processing invoices and payments. We use EFTsure to verify key supplier details, including ABN and GST registration, and bank details. Existing Suppliers can login here.

For more information, including onboarding guidance, see our vendor collaboration handbook (PDF, 980.11 KB).

All WaterNSW purchasing is conducted through Purchase Orders (PO). You should not commence work without first receiving a WaterNSW Purchase Order.

No PO No Pay


No PO No Pay

Receive fast payment with a purchasing card (PCard)

The recommended way for you to receive payments less than $10,000 is with a credit card called a PCard. PCard payment is the fastest and easiest way to get paid for goods or services.

PCards can be used to pay at the point of sale, either in person, on-line or over the phone. You need to provide a receipt or tax invoice (including any GST) to WaterNSW for the goods or services to confirm payment has been received.

Follow the accounts payable purchase order process

If you can’t accept payment by PCard, you’ll need to follow the purchase order process to issue a tax invoice to WaterNSW:

1. Supply WaterNSW staff member with a quote for the goods or services you are providing.

2. Ask for a purchase order (PO), their full name and contact number before providing the goods or services.

Our payment terms are generally 30 days from the time WaterNSW receives your correctly rendered tax invoice. All payment terms commence from the receipt of a correctly rendered tax invoice. If the invoice is invalid in any way, it may be returned to you.

Pre-approval is required for purchases

As a State-Owned Corporation we need authorisation prior to purchasing goods or services. Without a PO, you risk providing goods or services that are not authorised with the appropriate financial delegation, which may lead to delays in payment.

We can only process your tax invoice when…

The correctly rendered tax invoice includes:

  • a valid WaterNSW purchase order number typed on your tax invoice

Note: Purchase order numbers start with PO000 and are 10 digits in length. Ensure you have received a PO number as part of your authorisation to supply goods or services.

  • the name of the recipient
  • a WaterNSW contact name
  • standard ATO Tax Invoice compliant details, including your identity (business name) and ABN.

If you're having trouble getting paid for goods or services already supplied, please contact Accounts Payable.


WaterNSW has a suite of standard contract suites, which we typically adopt when approaching the market to procure goods and services, including construction. We adopt the contract form that we consider suitable for each relevant procurement.


Purchase Order Contract

The Short Form Purchase Order Contract is intended for simple, low risk and/or low value procurements of goods and/or services. As a guide, it can be used for:

  • Repeat ordering of low risk goods or services with a total value of no more than $250,000 (ex GST)
  • Ad hoc, low risk goods or services with a total value of no more than $250,000 (ex GST)

WaterNSW Short-Form Purchase Order Contract (PDF, 373.5 KB)

Goods and/or Services

The Goods and/or Services Contract Template is intended to be used for the procurement of medium to high value goods and/or services. As a guide, it can be used for:

  • manufacture and supply of ‘off the shelf’ equipment
  • manufacture and supply of bespoke equipment requiring design or cleaning services.

The template can be used for standalone procurements, or, in conjunction with the Standing Offer Deed, for the periodic supply of goods and/or services.

WaterNSW Standard Form Contract - Goods and/or Services (PDF, 1517.83 KB)

Professional Services

The Professional Services Contract Template is intended to be used for the procurement of professional services by WaterNSW, of any value (including small value projects). Professional Services include:

  • design services
  • engineering services
  • other specialist consulting services.

The template can be used for standalone projects, or, in conjunction with the Standing Offer Deed, for the periodic supply of professional services.

WaterNSW Standard Form Contract - Professional Services (PDF, 1758.44 KB)

For low value professional or consulting services, we may also consider engaging under the terms of the NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme SCM0005.

Construction Works

The Construction Works Contract Template is intended to be used for the procurement of construct only or design and construct projects by WaterNSW. As a guide, types of projects might include:

  • design and construction of new WaterNSW infrastructure
  • installing goods or equipment in or on a new building (e.g. signage, air conditioning, lighting) excavation or demolition.

The template can be used for standalone projects, or, in conjunction with the Standing Offer Deed, for the periodic supply of services for construct / design and construct projects.

WaterNSW Standard Form Contract - Construction Works (PDF, 1469.99 KB)

Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services Contract Template is intended to be used for the procurement of maintenance services over a specified term (rather than ad-hoc services). As a guide, it can be used for:

  • maintenance of plant or equipment
  • maintenance of buildings.

The Standing Offer Deed cannot be used with this template.

WaterNSW Standard Form Contract - Maintenance Services (PDF, 1544.46 KB)

Standing Offer Deed

Where WaterNSW seeks to procure any works, activities, goods and/or services on a standing offer basis, the Standing Offer Deed will be used in conjunction with the above contracts to establish such an arrangement. The Standing Offer Deed does not function on its own – it must sit in front of a Goods and/or Services Contract, Professional Services Contract or a Construction Works Contract.

WaterNSW Standard Form Contract – Standing Offer Deed (PDF, 688.34 KB)

Generic Appendix

The Appendix forms part of each Contract. It contains additional requirements in relation to policies, codes and standards, and the form of various ancillary documents such as the deed poll, unconditional undertaking, parent company guarantee, subcontractor warranty and statutory declaration that are required to be provided to WaterNSW under the Contract.

WaterNSW Standard Form Contract – General Appendix (PDF, 1193.87 KB)

Bespoke contracts and whole of Government Contracts (including procurement of ICT related goods and/or services)

WaterNSW may, in our absolute discretion, determine to use bespoke contracts (instead of the Standard Contract Templates) or whole of government contracts and associated schemes to procure relevant activities, works, goods and/or services. In particular, for the procurement of ICT related goods and/or services, we may use bespoke contracts or the NSW Government Core& or ProcureIT contract suites.

ICT contractors are encouraged to become registered suppliers under the ICT Services Scheme to ensure they are best placed and well prepared to participate in relevant procurement events. Further details in respect of the ICT Services Scheme and the Procure IT Framework are available at the NSW Government Buy website

Contracts register

WaterNSW publishes details of contracts over $150,000.

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