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Welcome to WaterInsights! WaterInsights has been developed based on direct feedback from our customers, stakeholders and local communities, providing easy access to everything you want to know about water resources and water management, all in one place.

WaterInsights covers 760 water sources across NSW. The interactive map allows you to go to your area of interest, giving you access to a myriad of information all on one page.

Along with all the features WaterInsights itself has to offer, it also has direct links to all DPIE Water Sharing Plans, the Access Licence Register, the Water Register and iWas.

Ultimately, WaterInsights was developed to be a transparent webtool to provide meaningful and up to date information to support our customers and communities in better understanding water management in NSW.

Latest Release Features

  • Animated onboarding guidance to help new users find what they are looking for.
  • An explanation of Water Sharing Plans, including what they are and definitions of different water sources.
  • A snapshot page, accessible from the main menu, gives an overview of all water storages in the state.
  • Updated Rules tab with accounting rules for carryover in each water source.
  • Weekly volume and release forecasts and daily forecasts for the next 7 days for key points in the river.
  • The ability to download the last 7 days (what is displayed on the screen) of data for gauges, bores, weirs and dams in a CSV file format.

WaterInsights introductory video

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We want to hear from you. What else would you like to see on WaterInsights? Please email your feedback to insights@waternsw.com.au.


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