Reporting on water quality

Reporting on water quality

officer reporting on water quality

Our Water Quality Monitoring Report provides an overview of the water quality sampling and results.

Annual water quality monitoring report

WaterNSW publishes an annual water quality monitoring report each year. The reports provide an overview of the WaterNSW's water quality sampling and results throughout the storages and catchments.

Quarterly drinking water quality report - Sydney Water

Sydney Water produces a drinking water quality report each quarter to inform customers about the quality of drinking water at various stages of the supply system.

This report contains information supplied by WaterNSW, including water quality test results:

  • from the rivers and streams within the catchments
  • from the dams and storages
  • as the water enters the water filtration plants

View the latest quarterly drinking water quality report on the Sydney Water website.


Tuesday 17 May
2,573,926 ML
2,581,850 ML
9,342 ML
1,335 ML
50,768 ML
Tuesday 17 May