Excursion program

Excursion program

Students with the Warragamba pipeline

Gets a hands-on experience with Sydney's water supply.

Please note: We don’t have any dates available for new bookings in Terms 2 and 3. We do have dates available for new bookings in Term 4.

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For self-guided excursion enquiries, please contact our education team: education.mail@waternsw.com.au

Excursions to WaterNSW dams

With more than 40 dams across the state, we supply two-thirds of water used in NSW to regional towns, irrigators, Sydney Water Corporation and local water utilities.

Most of our dams are open and you are more than welcome to enjoy a self-guided site visit.

A range of syllabus-linked programs facilitated by our education team are delivered at Warragamba Dam Visitor Centre.

Excursions to Warragamba Dam

An excursion to Warragamba Dam - one of the world's largest domestic water supply dams - is an inspiring day out. Our engaging programs are linked to learning outcomes for students of all ages, across a variety of subject areas.

  • Excursions to Warragamba Dam must be pre-booked.
  • The on-site experience will be determined by the number of students participating, with maximum student numbers dependant on the stage/group type.
  • Groups under 60 may experience a dam tour with escorted access to areas usually off-limits to the public. This is undoubtedly a highlight of the Warragamba Dam experience!
  • Groups over 60 have more limited access to the dam
  • Excursions to Warragamba Dam are free of charge.

Interested in booking an excursion to Warragamba Dam?

Review these key documents to find out everything you need to know.

Terms and Conditions (PDF, 80.3 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 100.12 KB)

Use this Social Story – An excursion to Warragamba Dam (PDF, 7102.25 KB) to familiarise yourself, other school staff and students with the movements, sights and sounds that may be experienced across the Warragamba Dam precinct during your visit.

Book an Excursion

Students in lesson

Lessons include syllabus linked activities.

Primary and Secondary School Excursions

Our excursion program offers primary and secondary school students the chance to explore all aspects of modern water supply, and to learn about water through hands-on activities in our Warragamba Dam Visitor Centre.

The program is linked to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum, as it is implemented in NSW schools. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your students.

Your excursion to Warragamba Dam may include a guided tour of the dam. Sites accessed will be determined by operational requirements on the day.

Excursions to Warragamba Dam typically allow for a maximum of two classes.

Primary schools with larger student numbers are encouraged to book over a number of days. This will ensure a safe, quality learning experience.

Secondary school groups greater than 60 may consider the inclusion of a teacher-directed field work component or alternatively, a shared excursion.

Tertiary Tour

Tertiary students on the dam wall

Tertiary Field Trips and Professional Groups

WaterNSW delivers free technical tours of Warragamba Dam for tertiary students including TAFE and university.

Your field trip to Warragamba Dam may include a guided tour of the dam.

Sites accessed will be determined by operational requirements on the day.


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