Greater Sydney's drinking water catchments

Greater Sydney's drinking water catchments

Managing the catchment

WaterNSW protects the health of the catchments to ensure reliable, quality drinking water is available for the 5 million people of Sydney and the Illawarra, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Shoalhaven regions.

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Development in the catchment

Every year there is a range of new residential, commercial and agricultural development and activities in Greater Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

Houses in the catchment

Mining is a significant community issue and an important focus for WaterNSW. There is a long history of coal mining in the Sydney drinking water catchments and, in recent years, coal seam gas has been an emerging issue.

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Living in the catchment

Greater Sydney's drinking water catchment is home to over 125,000 residents enjoying a range of beautiful and diverse landscapes, towns and communities.

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Your local catchment

Find out more about local catchment areas.

Warragamba catchments


Tuesday 17 May
2,573,926 ML
2,581,850 ML
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1,335 ML
50,768 ML
Tuesday 17 May