Peel Valley

Peel Valley

Valley storage level


Updated: 20 January 2020

The Peel valley is one of the worst affected regions in this severe time of drought

  • Over the last 2 years, inflows into Chaffey Dam have been the lowest on record
  • Tamworth’s water supply is entirely reliant upon surface water supplies so drought measures are underway to extend supplies
  • The drought is a natural disaster – it has not been caused by extraction or irrigation.

Extending critical water supply to Tamworth

In June, the NSW Government announced emergency short term measures to extend water supply to Tamworth, Moonbi and Kootingal town water supply system.

Current stage

Stage 1: the temporary weir, pipeline and pumps have been installed and the water supply is being redirected to the existing Dungowan to Tamworth water supply pipeline. The temporary measures are reducing transmission losses from water travelling via the Peel River to Tamworth.

Flows in the Peel River downstream of Dungowan have ceased. Periodic flows will be released for environmental purposes and to maintain water quality in downstream pools. See recent announcement for more information.

Stage 2: works are underway to construct the 19 kilometre permanent underground pipeline from Chaffey Dam to Dungowan.

During these works Back Woolomin Road and West Bank Road will be closed in sections with local resident access only. Traffic management will be in place to safely guide pedestrians and vehicles around our work areas.

All works will be in accordance with relevant planning and environmental laws and approvals.

WaterNSW has worked closely with Tamworth Regional Council, Department Planning, Infrastructure and Environment (Water), Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) to plan and design the works.

Next stage

Next information sessions are being planned for late February or early March 2020. We will advertise the dates early in the new year.

Removal of the temporary weir, pipeline and pumps (Stage 1) are expected to take place when:

  • Stage 2: permanent pipeline project is installed and operational (expected March 2020) or
  • Chaffey Dam has more than two years supply in storage.

Community presentations and updates

Contacts and feedback

While water storage in the Peel valley remains at critically low levels, we will update you as news comes in via our media releases and water operations updates. This will be in addition to our monthly Regional NSW drought report.


Sunday 26 January
1,100,178 ML
2,596,150 ML
8,216 ML
1,174 ML
-7,051 ML
Sunday 26 January