Dealings and trade

Dealings and trade

WaterNSW and NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) are involved in water access licence (WAL) dealings.

There are two types of WAL dealings:

  • general WAL dealings
  • water allocation assignment dealings.

General WAL dealings

Under the Water Management Act 2000, general WAL dealings include the trading of WALs, as well as any changes to a WAL.

WALs are maintained on the WAL Register by NSW LRS.

General WAL dealings only take effect when registered by NSW LRS on the WAL Register. In most cases, the dealing application form must be accompanied by the WAL certificate before any transactions or dealings can be undertaken. If you do not already hold your WAL certificate, you will need to complete and lodge the WAL title/certificate release application form (PDF, 679.81 KB)

Please note, this form can only be completed if there are no outstanding security interests.

Some general WAL dealings, including assignment of share component and change of nominated work, require consent by WaterNSW before registration with NSW LRS.

Applying for a WAL dealing

You can apply for a WAL dealing using two options:

1. Go to Water Applications Online for an easy to use interactive option. Applications using the online service can be processed faster than those submitted by post. Applicants can also track the progress of their application using a unique reference number. Once completed, a copy of the application must be printed and signed by all applicants. The signed application will need to be submitted by fax, email (as a scanned attachment), post or lodged in person at the WaterNSW office indicated in the online application. Application fees are paid online using a credit card. For more information on online payments, go to Applying and paying online – frequently asked questions.

2. Download an application form as a PDF document or obtain a hard copy from your local WaterNSW office. Complete the form by hand or onscreen using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form must be signed by all applicants and submitted by fax, email (as a scanned attachment), post or lodged in person at your local WaterNSW office. When using the hard copy application form, application fees can be paid by phone using a credit card, or by cheque made out to WaterNSW.

Water allocation assignment dealings

A water allocation is a volume of water (in megalitres) credited to a WAL water allocation account. All or part of the water allocation can be traded.

For more information, go to Assigning water allocations between access licences.

What fees apply to dealing applications?

The current Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) determination identifies fees for WAL dealings. For more information on fees set by IPART, go to Applications and fees.

If consent is granted, WaterNSW will provide you with the notification form for lodgement with NSW LRS.

NSW LRS charges fees for registering dealings and issuing the new or updated WAL certificate.

More information

For information on how to undertake dealings, go to Dealings process.

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