S91i Extension form

S91i Extension form

This number can be found in the subject line of the original S91i email from WaterNSW
* Please provide the proposed date the metering equipment will be repaired/replaced

Please write detail of why an extension should be granted.

Irrigation Australia – to find your DQP/CMI

Please note: WaterNSW holds the right to request documented evidence in the form of quotations and correspondence demonstrating any efforts made to comply with the NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Policy and Regulations. Failure to provide such evidence upon request could result in the refusal of the extension.

WaterNSW has the right to refuse any Extension.


Tuesday 17 May
2,573,926 ML
2,581,850 ML
9,342 ML
1,335 ML
50,768 ML
Tuesday 17 May