WaterLive is a mobile phone application for accessing near real-time water data. The application allows water users to access information from handheld devices for surface water, including major rivers, major dam levels, dam inflows and groundwater data.

WaterLive provides you with access to real-time information from over 1,200 telemetered water monitoring sites throughout the state. We remain committed to improving the availability of water information that is essential for our customers and communities throughout the state, to make access to water information even easier. Our customers will now have the information important to them available at their own fingertips.

Key features of WaterLive:

  • Push notifications sent straight to their home screen for effortless updates on timely water information, notifying user within 30 minutes when updated data from our Real-Time Water system triggers any alerts on their watchlist
  • An interactive map allows users to zoom into multiple sites to easily access a state-wide or a local perspective of river flood levels or dam storage levels to improve decision making and ensure compliance with their water licence.
  • User friendly interface makes it easier and quicker to find sites by searching for the site name, ID or its river or basin. Users can monitor information, including storage levels, stream flows, water temperature and rainfall.
  • Users can customise their favourite sites to be easily accessed when required and view a summary of the relevant data. This will save time in accessing the information that is applicable to you upon loading the app.
  • Users can easily set their preferences in the ‘watchlist’. This will ensure they are notified once data relating to their preferences are triggered, providing information as soon as it becomes available, so not needing to access the app.

If you haven’t already, download the FREE WaterLive app on your phone today!

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