Research at WaterNSW

Research at WaterNSW

WaterNSW invests in science and research to build the knowledge to understand, utilise and best manage risks and opportunities. Knowledge informs both short-term operational decision-making and long-term planning. Monitoring helps improve predictive reliability over time and permits measurement of performance.

WaterNSW is the major supplier of raw water in NSW, delivering water from our dams, pipelines and the state’s rivers. For the declared catchments, we ensure that we can supply reliable, safe raw water that can be treated to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). In accordance with the framework recommended by the ADWG, we manage our part of the water supply system within a multiple barrier approach to reduce risks to water quality and protect water quality from the catchments to customers’ taps. Science and research is required to provide evidence to target catchment works and manage the water supply system to reduce water quality risks and to verify the effectiveness of those actions. We also monitor industry research trends to ensure that our approaches align with contemporary scientific knowledge.

The goal for science and research is to build knowledge about the issues that affect our business and translate that knowledge into operational efficiencies and increased effectiveness.

This Science Program is directed at providing an improved understanding of our catchments and water quality and capability to prepare for and respond to water quality hazard events. After completing this program, by 2020, WaterNSW will have achieved the following improvements:

  • Cost effective techniques for identifying pollutant sources and evaluating catchment interventions to reduce water quality risks
  • Defensible evidence of cumulative impacts of mining on catchments and water supply
  • Characterisation of raw water sources to identify risks and better target monitoring efforts
  • Understand sources and reduce impacts of Natural Organic Matter on water treatment
  • Ability to forecast, plan for and respond to potential water quality events
  • Regular, ongoing scanning of emerging risks and opportunities to drive efficiency and innovation

Research Industry Partnerships

WaterNSW connects with leading water quality researchers to improve our understanding of water quality risks and inform our management practices. We are members of the Water Services Association of Australia and Water Research Australia and have active research collaborations with a number of universities.


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