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Why science at WaterNSW

Why science at WaterNSW

Science plays a critical role in helping WaterNSW make important decisions about managing our catchment areas and protecting and enhancing water quality and quantity to minimise risks to human health.

Science helps WaterNSW to:

  • identify risks to water quality and catchment health
  • investigate the factors that contribute to risks
  • develop and implement strategies to address risks
  • evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies.

Information on how WaterNSW uses science is available in our Science Strategic Plan (2010-15) at the bottom of this page.

Working with us

WaterNSW is open to approaches from research organisations to support scientific research. Applications will be assessed on their:

  • alignment with WaterNSW strategic priorities (outlined in the Science Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015)
  • innovation
  • technical approach
  • quality of research personnel
  • value for money.

Organisations seeking support are requested to complete the application form at the bottom of this page and submit it to the Science Director. WaterNSW requires a minimum of two months to assess any application.

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