Gunidgera Weir Raising

Gunidgera Weir Raising

About the project

Gunidgera Weir is located on the Namoi River, approximately six kilometres west of Wee Waa. The Gunidgera Weir and upstream regulator enable water flows to be stored, controlled and released from the weir pool into Namoi River and Gunidgera - Pian Creek.

WaterNSW is raising Gunidgera Weir to improve water delivery in the Gunidgera—Pian system in the Namoi valley. The Project will increase the maximum diversion capacity from the Gunidgera Weir pool into the Gunidgera - Pian Creek system from 1230 megalitres per day (ML/day) to 1650 ML/day. This will increase WaterNSW’s ability to meet customers’ water needs in times of peak demand.


The Project will have a range of benefits that include:

  • Improving water delivery to Gunidgera-Pian customers during peak demand periods
  • Increasing capability for on-time delivery to customers
  • Limiting environmental impacts by maintaining the existing channel width (a previous option considered was widening the channel).


Customers have been consulted through the Namoi Customer Advisory Group (CAG) and River Operations Stakeholder Consultation Committee (ROSCCo).

The following stakeholders and government agencies have also been included in discussions:

  • Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR)
  • Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries
  • Narrabri Shire Council

Further information will be provided through project fact sheets and website updates.

Service Delivery impacts

During construction, Gunidgera Weir's gates will be propped open to facilitate the weir raising works. Any flows resulting from localised catchment inflows will be passed down the Namoi river through Gunidgera Weir during construction.

Supplementary access to Gunidgera-Pian Creek customers will not be possible when the works are occurring at the weir.

The duration of the construction is expected to be around 6 weeks for all of the works however the construction period at the Weir will be 4 weeks.

Further details will be provided around the exact timing and the impacts on water delivery and river flows.

Project schedule

Since November 2019, WaterNSW has worked collaboratively with Government agencies to obtain the necessary approvals required for the project to proceed. WaterNSW received the final approval in December 2020 and a dedicated project team is working to efficiently deliver the project over the coming months. Construction is due to commence in June 2021.

Project updates

Contact details

For more information about Gunidgera Weir raising email us at or call 1300 662 077.

Project Manager: Sarinda Wickramasinghe


Monday 20 September
2,428,154 ML
2,581,850 ML
20,191 ML
2,885 ML
-19,172 ML
Monday 20 September