Flood information

Flood information

As Australia commonly experiences a range of natural events such as fire, flood and drought we closely plan for, monitor and manage such events. High rainfall events that extend over our catchment areas can lead to increases in our dam and storage levels, resulting in them spilling. WaterNSW closely monitors these events and works together with other key agencies to manage the dams during these incidents.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is the agency responsible for issuing information about rainfall, river levels and flood. For the most up to date information on flood watches and warnings visit the BOM website.

The State Emergency Services (SES) provides information about preparing for floods on their website, or their NSW SES Facebook page. If you have a flood emergency, please call 132 500.

For information on road closures due to flood you can call NSW Roads and Maritime (RMS) on 132 701 or visit the live traffic website.


Thursday 25 April
1,437,192 ML
2,581,850 ML
9,952 ML
1,422 ML
-10,664 ML
Thursday 25 April