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Basic landholder rights.

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Before you begin checklist

We recommend you contact a licensed driller as you are required to provide detailed information about the proposed work i.e. diameter and depth of the basic landholder rights (BLR) bore.

Once you have done this, you will also need to have the following information available:

  • Property address or Lot/DP where the proposed work will be located.
  • Proof of identification i.e. drivers licence, passport or another form of photo ID for each applicant (co-holders will be contacted separately by the system to provide this information)
  • Details of the person/s listed as owner/s in the land title. You will need to provide personal information for each applicant i.e. first, last and middle name, address, email address, and mobile contact number. If you are a lawful occupier, include your lease agreement. *Please ensure you include your full legal name as shown on your proof of identification and that your details provided are an exact match to those listed on your most recent council rates notice.
  • If you are an organisation or company, we require the details of all individuals authorised to execute documents on behalf of the organisation or company, as well as one contact person (you will need to provide personal information for each applicant i.e. first, last and middle name, address, email address, and mobile contact number). Please use full legal name as shown on proof of identification.
  • Professional service providers or agents will be required to submit documentation of their credentials for verification during the application process. For more information, please read our professional service provider fact sheet.
  • During the application process, you will need to: Select an exact location on a map for the proposed work. This location will be used for the assessment and if an approval is issued, it will be the exact location that you can construct your bore.

Please note: Any sensitive information, including personal documentation, collected is either securely stored or removed at the completion of the verification process.

What you need to know

Understand basic landholder rights

Select your bore site

Know your approval conditions

Read Understanding your water access licence or approval conditions fact sheet for information on understanding and complying with conditions in relation to your licences and/or approvals

Construct or decommission a bore

  • Read these FAQs about drilling a bore for domestic and stock rights to learn more.
  • Read the Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia (MCR) to understand the minimum requirements for constructing, maintaining, rehabilitating, and decommissioning water bores in Australia.

Need more information?

Learn more about your domestic and stock rights or contact our friendly Customer Service Centre.

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