Water quality policy

Water quality policy

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WaterNSW is committed to following water quality policy.

WaterNSW supplies drinking water and bulk water to be treated for drinking, and captures, stores and releases water for a range of uses including environmental flows, irrigation, and for extraction by regional towns.

This policy applies to water supplied by WaterNSW as drinking water, or as bulk water with the final end use as drinking water (supplied by pipe or canal directly to a drinking water supplier). When this policy applies, WaterNSW is committed to:

  • Effectively managing declared catchment areas and water management works in these areas to protect and promote water quality based on a multi-barrier approach; and
  • Supplying water that complies with appropriate water quality guidelines or standards to minimise risks to public health.

To demonstrate our commitment and accountability WaterNSW will maintain:

  • Water Quality Management systems consistent with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Quality Assurance Plans for WaterNSW private water supplies to ensure safe and reliable drinking water
  • Risk management practices including identification and assessment of potential water quality hazards and implementation of appropriate controls
  • A Science Program focussed on understanding and managing risks to water quality
  • A water monitoring program informed by research and knowledge of the water supply system, its risks, critical control points and the needs of customers and stakeholders
  • A Water Quality Incident Response Protocol documenting agreed triggers, notifications, responses, and reporting mechanisms to provide relevant, consistent and timely information, promoting confidence in the water supply and its management, during and in anticipation of incidents
  • Partnerships with customers and NSW Health to manage issues relating to water quality and public health, and to jointly review and evaluate water quality management practices from catchment to tap
  • A Source Water Protection program outlining the actions we take to protect and enhance the quality of water in declared catchment areas
  • Systems and procedures to configure, operate and maintain water supply infrastructure to deliver appropriate quality water whilst optimising yield
  • Sufficient resources and operational processes to review and continually improve our Water Quality Management System


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