Water quality management system

Water quality management system

WaterNSW has developed a Water Quality Management System. It takes a systematic and consistent approach to managing the whole supply chain from source to consumer based on the values, principles and systems recommended by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011).

The system consists of actions under 12 elements of water quality management:

  • Commitment to drinking water quality management
  • Assessment of the drinking water supply system
  • Preventive measures
  • Operational procedures and process control
  • Verification of drinking water quality
  • Management of incidents and emergencies
  • Employee awareness and training
  • Community involvement and awareness
  • Research and development
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Evaluation and audits
  • Review and continual improvement


Tuesday 01 December
2,412,543 ML
2,581,850 ML
11,459 ML
1,637 ML
-10,776 ML
Tuesday 01 December