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The Woronora catchment is a small area of 75 square kilometres, located 40 kilometres south-west of Sydney.  Its low, rocky exposed woodlands and heaths are home to many rare and threatened species.

The Woronora Special Area is a haven for many threatened native animals and plants including the green tree frog, Littlejohn's tree frog, and the tawny-crowned honeyeater.

The catchment lies at the north of the Illawarra Plateau, which stretches from Heathcote National Park south to Robertson, and is bordered by the Illawarra escarpment in the east, Campbelltown in the north-west and the villages of Bargo and Yerrinbool in the south-west.

There are no towns in the catchment, but parts of the Princes Highway, Heathcote Road and the Illawarra railway line pass through the area and the urban areas of Sutherland and Campbelltown are nearby.

Most of the catchment is a Special Area, which means that public access is restricted. Special Areas protect water quality by providing buffer zones of pristine bushland around dams and immediate catchment areas.

Land in the Woronora Special Area is mostly owned by WaterNSW. A small area of privately-owned land, mainly used for stock agistment and horticulture, lies in the southern part of the catchment.

Your water supply

With a slightly lower elevation than the lusher Upper Nepean catchment further south, rainfall in the area flows to Woronora Dam, which lies in a narrow gorge on the Woronora River upstream of its junction with the Georges River.

Built between 1927 and 1941, Woronora Dam was the last dam built prior to the construction of Warragamba Dam in 1960. Today, the dam supplies the Helensburgh area as well as parts of the Sutherland Shire and northern Wollongong.

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Picnic Area - Woronora Dam

Located in Sydney's south, Woronora Dam is one of the easiest dams to visit in the SCA's water supply network. Visitors can wander across the enormous dam wall and picnic on the banks of Lake Woronora.

Woronora Dam

Woronora Dam supplies water to the Sutherland Shire in Sydney's south, and to the northern suburbs of Wollongong. The grounds are unusual in retaining workers' cottages and old platforms, plant and machinery used in the dam's construction in the 1930s.

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Developers & Council

Learn about the best approaches for managing stormwater during and after construction - for a home site or large development.

Developers & Council

Find out how you can look after your property at the same time as caring for your local catchment and waterways.

Developers & Council

Get practical tips on onsite wastewater systems - whether you have just moved to a property or are installing a new system.

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