What role does WaterNSW play in mining?

What role does WaterNSW play in mining?

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Independent Planning Commission and the Division of Resources and Geosciences are responsible for assessing and approving mining and coal seam gas activities.

WaterNSW has no legislated powers to control or stop mining in the declared catchments, but as the partial owner and joint manager of the Special Areas we seek to influence the planning decisions and hold the subsequent mining operations to account for all impacts which significantly harm our values (principally water quantity, water quality and ecological integrity). We perform this role by providing advice to regulators, agencies and the companies. This advice primarily comprises our assessment of whether a mining proposal conforms to WaterNSW’s policy position and our subsequent assessment of whether the impacts which occur are consistent with the predictions contained in the application and performance indicators provided in mine approvals. Our submissions on mining applications are often published by the Department of Planning and Environment.

WaterNSW has established a set of six principles that underpin WaterNSW's approach to managing the impacts of mining on catchment infrastructure works and the Special Areas.

WaterNSW also conducts research into the impacts which are occurring as a result of mining. A compendium of information from available literature sources has been prepared for WaterNSW – see Literature Review (PDF, 27428.4 KB).


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