How we enforce restrictions to Special Areas

How we enforce restrictions to Special Areas

SCA officer talking to fisherman

Controlling unauthorised access helps us protect the Special Areas.

While WaterNSW and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) jointly manage the Special Areas, WaterNSW has primary responsibility in managing public access around the water storages in the Special Areas.

Key approaches taken include:

  • Community education - providing clear information about access to the Special Areas via the media, online and in maps and brochures
  • Controlling unauthorised access - using barriers, fences, gates and signs
  • Enforcement programs - surveillance activities using cameras and patrols to identify illegal activities and high risk sites, including issuing penalty infringement notices and prosecutions.
  • The penalties 

    Fines up to $44,000 apply for people who are caught ignoring the restrictions in Special Areas.

    Targetted enforcement activities are carried out in partnership with NPWS and NSW Police.


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