Vehicle or motorised watercraft use

Vehicle or motorised watercraft use

Recreational activities such as walking and non-powered watercraft are generally permitted in Schedule Two Special Areas under the Water NSW Regulation 2013. However, vehicles including motorcycles and cars, and powered watercraft are not permitted. In limited circumstances, WaterNSW will consider consent applications to use powered watercraft and motor vehicles in Schedule 2 Special Areas.

WaterNSW will only consider short term consent applications for vehicles and powered watercraft in Schedule Two Special Areas to facilitate recreational activities, such as group bushwalking and running events, which are permitted in these areas. The applicant must show vehicle and powered watercraft entry is required to run the recreational activities safely, and/or to minimise or avoid any potential environmental impacts. Applicants may need to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Additional information required

In addition to meeting the standard criteria, applicants must provide the following information, to the satisfaction of WaterNSW:

  • Details of the proposed activity including a map showing the location of the proposed activity
  • Details on the number and type of vehicles or powered watercraft that are required, and a description on how the vehicles will be used.


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