Other access

Other access

Consent applications which do not fit into one of the categories from 1-9 above are usually not granted by WaterNSW, however, they will be considered on a case by case basis and will be assessed on merit.

Additional information required

In addition to meeting the standard criteria, applicants must provide details of why this activity should be considered by WaterNSW.

Entry to Schedule One Special Areas and Controlled Areas purely for recreation or tourism, such as motorcycling, four wheel driving, camping, bushwalking, cycling or horseriding, or for organised or group recreational events, is prohibited. Entry for bushwalking is allowed in the Warragamba and Blue Mountains Schedule One Special Areas along specific bushwalking corridors or within specified areas. The WaterNSW brochure 'Special Areas - what you can and can't do' at the bottom of this page explains the restrictions that apply to the Special Areas, Controlled Areas and Water Storages and includes a map.

Recreational access for bushwalking is allowed in Schedule Two Special Areas, but vehicle access including motorcycles and cars is prohibited. WaterNSW also manages and maintains a large number of recreation sites open to the general public including picnic and camping areas adjacent to WaterNSW managed dams.


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