Filming, photography or media

Filming, photography or media

WaterNSW may grant consent to enter the Special Areas and Controlled Areas for:

  • filming (commercial and non-commercial)
  • photography (commercial and non-commercial), and
  • any other media purpose including news media.

Any request for entry by the media, or for filming and photography (commercial and non-commercial), should contact the WaterNSW Communication Team before completing an consent application form. The WaterNSW Communication Team will advise applicants if they need to complete a formal consent application form. WaterNSW will require applicants seeking access for media purposes, or for commercial and non-commercial filming and photography, to show that their access request meets all of the standard access criteria.

Access for commercial and non-commercial filming, photography or media purposes is usually escorted with a WaterNSW SCA officer accompanying the applicant. Therefore the actual date(s) of entry must be mutually agreed upon by WaterNSW and the applicant.


Sunday 17 November
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Sunday 17 November