Developments or activities

Developments or activities

WaterNSW may consider consent applications by external parties for new developments and activities in the Special or Controlled Areas. This may include developments by private companies, other government agencies, or government trading enterprises and local government. Developments can be for a variety of public infrastructure purposes such as telecommunications, energy, roads, railways, water and sewerage supply, or developments such as mineral exploration and mining.

New developments or activities in WaterNSW Special and Controlled Areas require environmental assessment and approval under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Applicants must contact WaterNSW's Planning and Assessments Team before submitting a consent application. WaterNSW's Planning and Assessments Team will discuss the proposed development with the applicant, any Environmental Impact Assessment that is required, and the relevant approval process.

If you are applying for access for a new development or activity where environmental assessment and approval is required, the consent application will be assessed in consultation with the review or determination by the Planning team. Where WaterNSW is the approval authority for the activity under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, the consent will be issued at the same time as the Part 5 approval.

For any development that proposes new permanent infrastructure in the Special Areas or Controlled Areas the applicant must enter a formal lease, licence, or other formal property agreement with WaterNSW. Consent is usually issued as part of the lease, license or other formal property agreement.

A consent to enter the Special Areas and Controlled Areas is a distinct and separate process from any Environmental Planning and Assessment Act approval issued by WaterNSW or any other authority or agency.

Additional information required

In addition to the standard criteria, applicants must provide, to the satisfaction of WaterNSW, the following information:

  • If approval and assessment are required for the development or activity under Part 4 or Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, and therefore not issued by WaterNSW, the relevant approval and accompanying conditions must be attached to the consent application.


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