Applying for consent to enter

Applying for consent to enter

Consent for conducting activities in the WaterNSW Special Areas and Controlled Areas are restricted by the Water NSW Act 2014 (the Act) and Regulations.

The Water NSW Regulation 2013 allows WaterNSW to consider applications from external parties for entry and activities that are usually not permitted. The consent to enter Special Areas and Controlled Areas explains the criteria WaterNSW use to consider and assess consent applications.

Boundaries and restrictions that apply to Special Areas and Controlled Areas are described in the Act and Regulations.

The consent application process applies to everyone other than WaterNSW staff, WaterNSW contractors and people who WaterNSW invites to enter any of these areas and who are accompanied by WaterNSW staff at all times.

If you would like to apply for consent to enter WaterNSW Special Areas or Controlled Areas please follow the consent application process below.

Steps for Consent Application

This consent application process applies to all applications for consent, extensions of existing consents, and changes to existing consents.

WaterNSW may take up to 28 business days after receiving an application to determine a consent application. Please allow for this time when choosing the date of access from on the application form.

If your application is incomplete or we need more information, the assessment period will start when we receive the extra information. If you do not provide any information we ask for within 28 business days of the request, your application will be refused.



Read the consent to enter the Special Areas and Controlled Areas

Read the consent to enter Special Areas and Controlled Areas to determine which category you need to apply under, and the specific requirements for that category.


Complete the consent application form

Tell us the details about your proposed activity by filling in the consent application form. Please supply as much information as possible by attaching any supporting documents such as letters, reports, maps, a certificate of currency for public liability insurance, or a Safe Work Plan.


Submit your application

WaterNSW will email you to acknowledge receipt of your consent application and tell you the assessing officer's contact details. We will then assess your application and you will be advised of the determination.


Your application will be processed

WaterNSW will advise you of the determination of your consent application in writing. If we provide written consent, you will receive a consent letter telling you that conditional consent is granted with a list of conditions of entry.

If WaterNSW grants consent for entry, we may require you to:

  • supply more information
  • comply with specific conditions
  • limit your entry
  • attend a WaterNSW induction
  • have a Safe Work Plan
  • provide a copy of your public liability insurance certificate of currency.

Not complying with any conditions of consent may be an offence under the Water NSW Act 2014 and regulations, or the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and regulations. WaterNSW will consider any breach of conditions seriously and may take action to address the breach.

If WaterNSW does not approve your consent application, you will receive a letter telling you that your application was unsuccessful and entry is refused.

Review of consent refusal or conditions

You can request a review of a consent application refusal or conditions imposed in a consent issued by WaterNSW under the Water NSW Regulation 2013. The request must be in writing addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of WaterNSW. You must specify reasons why you are requesting the review and include any extra supporting information for WaterNSW to consider.

If the matter is still unresolved to the satisfaction of both parties, you can contact the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or the Ombudsman.


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