Benefits of managing your stormwater well

Benefits of managing your stormwater well


Vegetated swale in a low density development.

Traditionally, stormwater has not been treated, although sometimes it is filtered through litter traps on the end of the pipes. These days, there is a shift towards a greater level of treatment of contaminated stormwater to reduce the impact on the environment.

In the Sydney drinking water catchment, it is a legal requirement that any development on your property that requires consent from your council, must have a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality, including how stormwater is managed.

This requirement not only helps protect drinking water quality and create healthy local waterways, it can also benefit landholders by ensuring that stormwater (as well as wastewater) is well-managed on your property.

Harvesting stormwater for re-use, such as through using/installing rainwater tanks, can save on your water bills. Larger scale stormwater harvesting can reduce the need for irrigation on your property.

By reducing stormwater flows and filtering stormwater through raingardens, lawns or pastures, you can reduce soil erosion and create attractive landscape features that may add value to your property.

To learn more about the opportunities for managing stormwater, see water sensitive design.


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