Pest animals

Pest animals

Pest animals and insects can cause serious economic losses to agricultural production on your property.

Pests such as wild dogs, rabbits, foxes, feral dogs, feral cats and feral goats can injure or kill livestock, damage crops and pastures, degrade and erode your land, introduce disease and out-compete native animals for food and shelter.

Landholders have a legal responsibility to control noxious pests on their property, including rabbits, feral pigs, wild dogs and some locust species. Foxes and mice are classed as nuisance animals but may still be controlled as part of a well-managed property.

Chemicals used in the control of pest species must also conform with the guidelines for use of chemicals.

What you can do

  • Report sightings of wild dogs and other pests to the relevant authorities.
  • Use pest control measures responsibly.


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