MUSIC - Climate Zone Key Maps

MUSIC - Climate Zone Key Maps

MUSIC is the Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation. Using MUSIC in the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment (PDF, 17266.85 KB) is a manual providing technical information to help design acceptable MUSIC stormwater quality models for more complex proposed urban and rural land use developments. Certain thresholds related to the number of subdivision lots, total impervious or disturbed area, or a high risk / sensitive site trigger the requirement for MUSIC modelling in the Sydney drinking water catchment. A MUSIC model prepared using the manual must accompany those development applications triggering the use of MUSIC, to assess whether the proposal would achieve a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality (NorBE). The aim of the manual is to help proponents and consultants undertake stormwater quality modelling using MUSIC software to design stormwater treatment and management measures for developments in Sydney drinking water catchment to ensure to protect the quality of water flowing into drinking water storages now and in the future.

Who should use this manual

The manual is for use by consultants who have already completed MUSIC training and know the basic fundamentals of MUSIC modelling. The manual demonstrates how to set up a MUSIC model for pre-development and post-development site layouts, considering the existing site characteristics, drainage configuration, the climatic region, and the configuration of post-development site layout and treatment measures in the context of NorBE.

See the Climate Zone Key Map (PDF, 255.79 KB) to select the rainfall zone map for your development area:

Note: The following files are in .mlb format for the MUSIC software.


Wednesday 05 August
2,198,120 ML
2,581,850 ML
9,341 ML
1,335 ML
40,803 ML
Wednesday 05 August