Testimonials from the 50th anniversary

Testimonials from the 50th anniversary

"Thank you for the wonderful day you provided at Warragamba Dam for the 50th Anniversary. The dedication to the men who lost their lives working on the construction was so moving and beautifully done.

It was a day that we will cherish forever."

Dam Builder


"I am in awe at the possibility that my father's great, great, grandchildren may one day in 50 years be able to hold in their hands an original Certificate of Recognition presented to him from the NSW Government for the part he played in the construction of such an icon. 

I will be eternally grateful to the organisers for the dignity, honour, respect and admiration you gave to the workers of whom we are proudly grateful."

Daughter of a dam builder


"From the welcome to country, to the very end, the ceremony was dignified and beautiful in nature."

Community member


"The day was absolutely flawless and the 'welcome to country' and didgeridoo performances were remarkable. I was impressed by the flags of nation's parade and moved by the memorial dedication. It must have been a tremendous task to organise and present such a spectacular ceremony. Thank you for all your efforts."

Dam Builder


"My deepest thanks to the organisers of the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Warragamba Dam. The day was wonderful, so well organised and we were looked after so well by all the staff. I felt very proud to be there representing my parents. I was overwhelmed with pride on receiving a medal and certificate on behalf of my late father."

Daughter of a dam builder


"I found the whole service very moving, and the way in which the school kids were included was great. It was a wonderful tribute to all involved in the construction of the Dam. It was great to see many generations there sharing in the celebrations, and also reflecting on the past."

Parent of student from Warragamba Public School


"I have just returned from a delightful day at the 50th anniversary celebrations of Warragamba Dam. The organisation and timing was 'par excellence.'

I do not believe you could improve on the preparation and organisation of this monumental event which involved thousands of people.

My heartfelt thanks for a wonderful and eventful day of reminiscing and the pleasure of seeing the Dam and renewing old friendships from another era." 

Wife of a dam builder


"Thanks for the excellent work you did in organising the Warragamba Dam 50th Anniversary festivities and the unveiling of the memorial plaque for the men who were killed during the construction of the Dam. It was a wonderful event and handled with great sensitivity."

Family member attending the memorial unveiling


"The spectacular accumulation of the flags from all the nations that contributed to building this enormous project carried by the beautiful school children was; in my opinion, the highlight of the day."

Dam Builder


Friday 15 January
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