Rear camping area opening and closing times

Rear camping area opening and closing times

Please note: there is currently no overnight camping allowed.

Bendeela Recreation Area is managed as two separate areas, depending on the number of vehicles and visitors.

  • The front camping area is open 24 hours a day, year-round, for vehicle-based camping.
  • The rear camping area is closed to vehicle access, by a locked gate, during non-peak periods.

Visitors may walk in and picnic and camp in the rear camping area at all times. The rear camping area is routinely opened to vehicles during peak periods (see opening and closing times below).

Period Gate Open Gate Closed
2020 Term 2 School HolidaysNot OpenNot Open
2020 Term 3 School Holidays12 noon Friday 25 September 202012 noon Monday 12 October 2020
2020 Term 4 School Holidays (includes Christmas/New Year Public Holiday and Australia Day Public Holiday)12 noon Friday 18 December 202012 noon Wednesday 27 January 2021


Wednesday 05 August
2,198,120 ML
2,581,850 ML
9,341 ML
1,335 ML
40,803 ML
Wednesday 05 August