Keeping wombats and people healthy

Keeping wombats and people healthy

Sarcoptic mange is a condition commonly spread in animals. Some of the wombats in Bendeela suffer from this condition. Mange can make the wombat scratch so much that they lose fur and develop sores to the skin, eyes and ears.

If you do see a sick wombat, do not touch it or go near it. This condition is contagious to humans.

WaterNSW is actively monitoring this situation and is working with National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and wildlife carers to manage wombats with mange at Bendeela. WaterNSW is also liaising with other agencies and universities to ensure we have the latest data and scientific findings from trials being undertaken to treat mange.

WaterNSW is specifically awaiting the outcomes of the NPWS led trial into long-term effectiveness of chemical treatment still taking place at Bents Basin in NSW. WaterNSW is also actively supporting an alternative treatment trial being run by the University of Tasmania.

WaterNSW remains committed to working in partnership with NPWS to identify the best approach to wombats suffering from mange.

Find out more in our Wombats of Bendeela brochure (PDF, 852.5 KB).


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