Site facts and visitor code of conduct

Site facts and visitor code of conduct


  • The Bendeela Recreation Area is open 24 hours a day, year-round.
  • You need to book if you want to camp overnight. Please read the booking information.
  • Picnic and camping sites are available on a ‘first-in, first-served’ basis and sites cannot be reserved.
  • Tents and caravans cannot be left unoccupied for more than 24 hours.
  • Please notify WaterNSW of groups larger than 50 people via the online notification form.


Bendeela Recreational Area and Tallowa Dam picnic area may be closed at times for operational or weather-related reasons. Please check our website for updates.

Layout of the site

Bendeela is managed as two separate areas:

  • Camping Area 1 is open all year round for vehicle-based camping
  • Camping Area 2 is closed to vehicle access by a locked gate during non-peak times. Visitors are welcome to walk in to picnic and camp in this area.

Visitor Use

To protect our water supply, it is important that visitors and WaterNSW work together to minimise any impacts on the river, lake and catchment. Appropriate behaviour will also ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.

Camping rules – please follow these to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone

  • Camp inside designated areas
  • Do not camp under or near trees
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Drive slowly and beware of children playing and riding bikes
  • Consider other campers and ensure your behaviour does not impact negatively on other campers
  • Generators and music must be turned off between 9:00pm and 8:00am
  • Do not feed, disturb or harm any animal in the Recreation Area
  • You must carry with you evidence of your booking (Booking Reference).

Visitor cooking and heating

  • No fires are permitted, only gas barbecues are allowed.
  • During total fire bans (TOBANs) declared by Rural Fire Service, gas barbecues are NOT permitted.


  • Bendeela is a free recreation area and only offers basic facilities.
  • Tap water is treated to a drinking quality.
  • Please use the toilet facilities provided. This area is part of the water supply catchment for Sydney and the Shoalhaven. Do not use any part of the campgrounds or surrounds as a makeshift toilet.
  • Place all rubbish in the garbage bins provided. Do not place rubbish in a bin if it is full - please use another bin. Keep lids closed to stop rubbish blowing away or scavenging by birds and animals. Please consider taking your recycling home.

Portable toilet waste disposal

  • A portable toilet waste dump point is located near each toilet block.
  • Do not empty portable toilets in either of the toilet blocks.
  • Please keep the dump point clean for other users.
  • Note that this dump point is for small portable chemical toilets only and not to be used for emptying caravan blackwater holding tanks.

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phone reception is limited. For better reception, try returning to either Jacks Corner Road or Bendeela Road.

Important Safety Messages

  • Trees may unpredictably shed branches that can land well beyond the tree canopy.
  • Camping under trees is not recommended.
  • Conditions in this natural waterway can vary over time. Swimmers should be aware of risks including submerged obstacles, variable water depths and fast flowing water.
  • Do not dive or jump into the water. The use of rope swings is prohibited.
  • Please consider weather conditions when planning for canoeing. The lake conditions can change quickly with storms making waters dangerous. Please use life jackets
  • If it has rained during the last few days, the water may be polluted. It is recommended that you avoid swimming during and up to three days (72 hours) after heavy rain due to the possibility of pollution from upstream areas.
  • During dry weather conditions, you should ensure the location is free of signs of pollution such as discoloured water, odour, oil or scum on the water or debris floating in the water.
  • Fish and other aquatic food caught from these waters should not be consumed unless adequately cleaned and fully cooked.
  • At times, levels of Blue Green algae may be above safe levels for recreational use of the water at Bendeela Recreation Area. WaterNSW in conjunction with the Regional Algae Co-ordinating Committee will provide notification by signage on site and warnings on the WaterNSW website.

Useful Contacts

General enquiries: 1300 722 468

Faults and incidents: 1800 061 069

Native Animals

Respect the native animals who call Bendeela home. Do not feed, disturb or harm any animal within the Recreation Area.


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