Water sharing plans

Water sharing plans

In NSW, the regulator and policy maker for water resource management is the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE - Water). The department develops natural resource management policy frameworks, strategies and plans related to water management.  DPIE - Water is accountable for water sharing plans (WSPs), which define the rules for sharing the water resources of each regulated river valley, between consumptive users and the environment.

WaterNSW operates in accordance with these WSPs and delivers water to customers and the environment. Based on the WSP rules, the available water resources are shared throughout the year, allowing water for the environment and for consumptive use. Customers’ water accounts are credited with their shares of available water and, as they use their water, their usage is debited from their accounts.

More information about water sharing plans can be obtained from DPIE - Water.

Gazetted Water Sharing Plans can be accessed by visiting New South Wales Consolidated Regulations.

The NSW Government is committed to developing Water Resource Plans in NSW. This represents a key commitment under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and Commonwealth Water Act 2007.

DPIE - Water is leading the process for New South Wales to develop the Water Resource Plans.

WaterNSW is involved in the process through participation on Stakeholder Advisory Panels. WaterNSW is committed to providing transparency to our customers on our involvement in processes to develop water market regulation and policy.

WaterNSW has made a submission to each of the Issues and Status Paper released by DPIE - Water to date.  Our submissions can be found below.


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