River Operations Stakeholder Consultation Committee

River Operations Stakeholder Consultation Committee

The ROSCCos are valley based, ongoing committees formed with key stakeholders, to engage in discussions about river operations, and aim to improve understanding of stakeholder concerns and river operations. Another important role the ROSCCos will play will be to share recommendations from the ROSCCos into the NSW Government’s Critical Water Advisory Panel.

Discussions at the ROSCCos will include:

  • Current storage levels and predictions under various scenarios
  • Critical water needs in 2019-20
  • Stock and domestic replenishment flows
  • Treatment of tributary inflows
  • Potential, temporary infrastructure options or other actions for managing the drought
  • Groundwater issues and water quality issues
  • Other items as required

ROSCCo 2020 Meeting dates

Barwon Darling

  • TBA

Bega Brogo

  • Thursday 7 May

Border Rivers

  • Wed 22 July


  • Tues 21 July


  • Wed 27 May

Lachlan Valley

  • Tues 19 May

Lower Darling

  • Mon 15 June - 1.00pm -(teleconference)

Macquarie Valley

  • Wed 20 May

Murray Valley

  • Wed 29 July


  • Thur 30 July

Namoi Valley

  • Thur 23 July

Peel Valley

  • Wed 10 June

Richmond River (Toonumbar)

  • Wed 24 June

Latest Presentations


Wednesday 12 August
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Wednesday 12 August