Prospect Reservoir - the centrepiece

Prospect Reservoir - the centrepiece


Prospect Reservoir.

Prospect Reservoir was the centrepiece of the Upper Nepean Scheme when completed in 1888. After travelling 64 kilometres from Pheasants Nest Weir, water emptied into the giant new 50,000 megalitre reservoir.  Located 35 kilometres west of the city, Prospect's elevation meant that water could continue to flow by gravity all the way to Crown Street Reservoir in the city.

Prospect was the first earth fill and rock embankment dam in Australia, and is still large by today's standards. The top of the embankment was raised by half a metre in 1898.  The embankment is 26 metres high and 2.2 kilometres long. It consists of a clay core with shoulders of compacted earth placed in layers 30 centimetres thick, and compacted by rolling.

A stone roller of a type used in engineering works of bygone days was used to compact the earth. Made from volcanic stone and built in sections with an irregular circumference, a team of 10 horses was needed to pull the roller.  Known as Pincott's roller, it is on display in the grounds of Prospect Reservoir.


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