Gwydir Valley

Gwydir Valley

Valley storage level


Updated: 20 January 2020

The Gwydir valley is among the worst affected regions in this severe time of drought with storage currently at critically low levels.

  • Without significant inflows, Copeton Dam is likely to be holding close to 180 GL at the end of this water year
  • The drought is a natural disaster – it has not been caused by extraction or irrigation
  • General security licence holders in the Gwydir Valley (which includes water for the environment) have not received any water allocations this water year and in 2017-18 they received only 17%.

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While water storage in the Gwydir valley remains at critically low levels, we will update you as news comes in via our media releases and water operations updates. This will be in addition to our weekly Regional NSW drought report.


Sunday 26 January
1,100,178 ML
2,596,150 ML
8,216 ML
1,174 ML
-7,051 ML
Sunday 26 January